JESSICA MOZERSKY, PhD, joined the Division of General Medical Sciences in 2017 as an Assistant Professor of Medicine. Dr. Mozersky received her PhD in Anthropology from University College London’s Interdisciplinary Institute of Human Genetics and Health. Her research explores the ethical and social implications of new biomedical and genomic technologies including cancer genetic testing, prenatal genetic screening, whole genome sequencing, and PET neuroimaging. Dr. Mozersky is the author of Risky Genes: Genetics, Breast Cancer, and Jewish Identity (Routledge 2013) based on her doctoral dissertation. She has published in American Journal of Empirical Bioethics, Hastings Center Report, Biosocieties, Genome Medicine, Genetics in Medicine, and Sociology of Health and Illness on topics including breast cancer genetics, race/ethnicity, new reproductive technologies, health disparities, and privacy and confidentiality.

Dr. Mozersky has previously held postdoctoral positions at the University of Pennsylvania and the New School for Social Research, and was a visiting research scholar at the Brocher Foundation in Geneva. Prior to joining the faculty at WUSTL, Dr. Mozersky was a fellow in advanced biomedical ethics at the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Medical Ethics & Health Policy, where she also obtained a Masters in Bioethics.

Professional Service Highlights

  • Dr. Mozersky has extensive experience working in international cancer genetic clinical trials (in the UK) and was a Senior Associate at the American College of Physicians Center for Ethics, Professionalism and Human Rights from 2014-2015.
  • Dr. Mozersky has served as an advisory panel member for the Progress Educational Trust’s public engagement project “Breast Cancer: Genetics, Chances and Choices” supported by the Wellcome Trust. She has been a manuscript reviewer for Peer J, World Medical and Health Policy, NeuroEthics and BMC Medical Ethics.
  • Dr. Mozersky is an editorial board member of Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics.

Selected Honors & Awards

  • Wellcome Trust: £10,000 funding for international conference “Non Invasive Prenatal Testing in the Non-Western Context” (2015)
  • Brocher Foundation: funding for international conference “Non Invasive Prenatal Testing in the Non-Western Context” (2015)


Books Authored

Mozersky J. Risky Genes: Genetics, Breast Cancer and Jewish Identity, Routledge: London UK (2013)

Books Edited

Gibbon, S, Joseph, G, Mozersky J, zur Nieden, A, and Palfner, S. (Eds) Breast Cancer Gene Research and Medical Practices: Transnational Perspectives in the time of BRCA, Routledge: London UK (2014)

Peer Reviewed Articles

Gehlert S and Mozersky J. “Seeing Beyond the Margins: Challenges to Informed Inclusion of Vulnerable Populations in Research.” Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics. 2018; 46(1): 30-43. 

Mozersky J, Sankar, P, Harkins K, Hachey S, Karlawish, J. “Comprehension of an Elevated Amyloid Positron Emission Tomography Biomarker Result by Cognitively Normal Older Adults” JAMA Neurology, Published online October 23, 2017 doi:10.1001/jamaneurol.2017.2954 (2017)

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Mozersky J. “Repensando las consecuencias de las investigaciones de genetica medica en las poblaciones: el caso de los judios Ashkenazi” (Re-thinking the Consequences of Genetic Research for Populations: the Case of Ashkenazi Jews) Perspectivas Bioéticas 16(30): 101-22 (2011)

Mozersky J. and Joseph, G. “Case Studies in the Co-Production of Populations
and Genetics: the Making of ‘at Risk’ Populations in BRCA genetics” Biosocieties 5(4): 415-39 (2010)

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Non Peer Reviewed Publications

Ravitsky V, Mozersky J, Michie M, Rapp R, Allyse M, and Chandrasekharan S.  “Non-invasive prenatal testing in the non-Western context” Bionews UK January 2016 Available online at (2016)

Mozersky, J. and Rapp, R. “Not Your Mother’s Amniocentesis” GeneWatch, 28 (2): 4 – 8. (2015)

Mozersky J. “‘Marry out?’ Some surprising consequences of genetic disease risk among Ashkenazi Jews” BioNews Issue 658 28 May 2012. Progress Educational Trust, London UK. Available online at (2012)

Ethics Continuing Medical Education

(on behalf of the American College of Physicians)

Rosenbaum J, Mozersky J, Snyder Sulmasy L. “Patient Requests for Specific Care:”Surely You Can Explain to my Insurer that I Need Boniva?” (2016)

Mozersky J, and Snyder Sulmasy L. “Banning Harmful Health Behaviors as a
Condition of Employment: Where There’s Smoke There’s Fired?” (2015)

Mathes M, Mozersky J, Horwitch CA. “Wellness Programs and Patient Goals of
Care” (2014)

Jessica Mozersky, PhD

Jessica Mozersky, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine
phone: 314-747-3534