Preventing Ethical Disasters in the Practice of Medicine

  • Grant

    NIH Institute of Aging
    06/01/2013 – 05/31/2018

  • Key Personnel

    • James M. DuBois, DSc, PhD
      Principal Investigator
    • Jessica Mozersky, PhD
    • Emily Anderson, PhD, MPH
    • John Chibnall, PhD


The goal of this project is to examine individual and environmental factors that predict serious breaches of medical ethics with the aim of developing prevention programs. The research team analyzed 280 cases in three areas of clinical wrongdoing: improper prescribing of controlled substances, sexual abuse of patients, and fraudulent, unnecessary invasive procedures. While these behaviors are relatively rare among physicians, they are very damaging to patients and harm public trust in medicine. A working group of experts convened in St. Louis to discuss the data and develop recommendations for action related to education, remediation, policy, and oversight. Now in the final year of the project, the team is developing a series of toolkits to disseminate to stakeholder groups to guide efforts to prevent and appropriately respond to serious breaches of medical ethics.


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