Validating Outcome Measures for Remediation of Research Wrongdoing

  • Grant

    Office of Research Integrity, HHS
    09/01/2013 – 08/31/2015

  • Key Personnel

    • James M. DuBois, DSc, PhD
      Principal Investigator
    • Alison Antes, PhD
    • John Chibnall, PhD
    • Raymond Tait, PhD
    • Jillon Vander Wal, PhD


This project developed and validated two new assessment measures, the How I Think about Research (HIT-Res) test, which assesses self-serving biases, and the Professional Decision-Making Measure (PDM), which focuses on the use of good decision-making strategies. The measures were validated with a sample of 400 NIH-funded researchers. These measures were also used in a pre- and post-test design with participants in the P.I. Program, which offers remediation training for researchers who violated expectations for the responsible conduct of research (RCR). The P.I. Program workshop demonstrated statistically significant positive effects on decision-making and attitudes toward compliance.


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